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Thanksgiving Karan Powell

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a special time of celebration with family and friends, and is perhaps my favorite holiday of the year for that very reason. It reminds us annually of the importance of “giving thanks” by gathering with loved ones, collecting food and clothing, and/or serving dinner at a food kitchen for those less fortunate than ourselves.

For some, the day after Thanksgiving – what has become known as “Black Friday” – kicks off the holiday shopping season. For others, the weekend is for indulging in watching football, parades, and halftime shows. Whatever way or combination of ways we celebrate this weekend, I am reminded that this time is about gratitude for our freedom and for abundance uniquely defined by each person or family.

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Season of Thanks

The Meaning of Thanksgiving

As a child, Thanksgiving meant a long weekend and time off from school; a big family dinner and many other extras — the house smelled like nutmeg and cinnamon all week; time to play and be with all of my cousins, aunts, and uncles as our house was “holiday central” (my grandmother lived with us); football games and the Macy’s day parade; and preparing for Christmas by putting up the decorative outdoor lights.

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