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Reflections from Online Learning Consortium “Accelerate”

The recent Online Learning Consortium (OLC) conference featured sessions focused on a variety of professional development and best practices-related topics, including: innovations, tools and technologies; institutional strategies and globalization; learner services and support; learning effectiveness; professional development and support; and research. Two that stood out were “The Power of Storytelling to Inspire and Engage” by Matthew Luhn from Pixar and “Human Exploration from Earth to Mars: Becoming Interplanetary” by Dr. Dava Newman from NASA and MIT.

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American Military University Sponsors, Provides Expert Counterterrorism Instruction for Ravens Challenge 2017 ASEAN

American Military University participated as a strategic partner and sponsor of Ravens Challenge 2017 ASEAN in Bangkok and Hau Hin, Thailand, July 10 – 21. Ravens Challenge hosted a dynamic, multinational Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) event with realistic Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) training and complete testing for local, regional, and national agencies. Participants joined from the United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

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Giving Time: Strong Faculty Showing for Volunteerism

The enthusiastic response from APUS faculty to the end-of-year “Service Challenge,” offered insight into the solid culture of service within our ranks. As part of the APUS Wellness Program, the Challenge grew out of a trend within workplace wellness circles that point to the ability for one to connect with his or her purpose as a key ingredient of well-being. Add that to a growing body of research showing the positive impact of selfless service and volunteer work on personal health and well-being, and a challenge was born. While faculty typically account for, at most, 25% of participation levels in our programs, they comprised nearly 50% of Challenge participants during the last quarter of 2016. Among the 30 who participated, three shared their experiences for this article.

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