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EdSurge: Reflections on “Who Controls AI in Higher Education and Why It Matters” and the Impact on Education Science

EdSurge recently hosted a live thought leadership video discussion led by Jeffrey Young, an EdSurge senior fellow. This live video featured Dr. Mark Milliron, co-founder and chief learning officer of Civitas Learning and Dr. Candace Thille, a professor at Stanford University. The focus of the video was “Who Controls AI In Higher Education And Why It Matters.”

Since the transcript is available at the EdSurge site, my focus here is to reflect upon what I heard and concluded. I first discussed this topic as part of my related Educause posts, primarily because of the conference’s focus on technology and its essential and continually emerging role in higher education.

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The Educause 2018 Top 10 IT Issues for Student Success

Educause conducts an annual survey of its constituents prioritizing the top 10 information technology (IT) issues for the year. These issues are reported during a conference session that includes a panel of higher education executives who respond to these issues and priorities. (Pictures provided here were taken during the presentation at Educause during the Top Ten Issues sessions at their conference, held November 2, 2017 in Philadelphia.)

These issues were then categorized into four themes: students, data, planning and funding, and security, which were presented for group discussion.


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Reflections on Presidents’ Forum 2017, Part 2: Development of Leaders for Today and for the Future to Serve and Advance Our Environment

At the October Presidents’ Forum, Dr. Merodie Hancock, president of SUNY Empire State College, led a panel discussion on a topic about which I am passionate -- addressing the need for development of leaders for today and the future to advance the digital and alternative learning environment. Questions addressed by the panel and participants included: How do we prepare leaders for the nontraditional environment? How do we build skills sets (and also define them) to work across institutions in our industry? How do we build policy skills in our emerging leaders to enable them to work with regulators and accreditors? How do we engage emerging leaders in pre-lobbying and/or train them in how the politics of higher education work and how to influence change in this world? To what opportunities do we need to expose emerging leaders in navigating the diversity of voices embedded in leading higher education today, and for the future?

In this discussion of leadership development, I was reminded that we as leaders need to model the way. Transparency, truth, and authenticity were characteristics that came to mind as the various panelists and participants spoke.

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Reflections on Presidents’ Forum 2017: Leadership and Innovation in a Time of Transition

Each October, the Presidents’ Forum convenes to “advance the recognition of innovative practice and excellence in online learning.” The Forum provides an opportunity for higher education leaders focused on alternative and online learning to meet and dialogue on strategic, innovation-related and regulatory issues. To say that these are interesting times for higher education, and especially online and alternative learning, would be an understatement, given the recent sessions here in Washington, D.C.

This year’s gathering focused on questions and perspectives related to innovation and the future. In this post and subsequent ones, I focus on key themes that emerged from the presentations and related dialogues: 1) our use of language and the need to re-define/clarify terms used in distance learning; 2) development of leaders for today and for the future to serve and advance our environment; and 3) emerging and rapidly evolving learning technology.

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