Course Enhancements in Support of Student Satisfaction and Success

Throughout 2016, in fulfillment of curriculum development responsibilities , APUS full-time faculty have been diligently revising courses in their respective academic disciplines. A tremendous amount of work has been completed, with particular focus on improving and updating the content found in course lessons.  As of September 30, nearly 90 of the revised APUS courses have been further enhanced and refined via our Academic Instructional Technology (AIT) team’s so-called “ELF” (e-Learning Framework) process.  These enhancements include adding appropriate digital imagery, media, video, infographics and knowledge checks in an effort to create a more interactive, immersive and engaging experience for students.

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Welcoming New Chief Operations Officer Robert Gay

This week, following the recent arrival of Dr. Vernon Smith as new APUS provost, Mr. Robert Gay (Bob) joined the university as chief operations officer (COO). Bob’s primary role is to lead our focus on strategic enrollment growth, consistent with our established mission to provide an affordable, accessible and relevant education. The COO oversees the strategy of the university and leads and/or interfaces with teams focused on admissions, financial aid, marketing, military, corporate and community college outreach, transfer credit, and alumni relations. To achieve strategic enrollment growth in an ever-changing higher education and learning environment, he will focus on simplifying the prospect and student experience so that it is seamless and free of unnecessary administrative roadblocks.

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Dr. Christina Dryden

APUS Assessment, Part One: the Essential Role of Faculty and Institutional Learning Outcomes

Assessment is a vital part of the core APUS mission and work in higher education.  As such, our Assessment and Accreditation Department is a multifaceted group that facilitates Higher Learning Commission accreditation activities and all programmatic/specialty accreditation endeavors, as well as oversees assessment processes including curricular mapping and program review. Our 2016 goals collectively included the following: 

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Welcome, Dr. Smith

Welcoming my Successor as Provost, Dr. Vernon Smith

A university provost leads the academic community of faculty, directors and deans, is responsible for the library and its staff, for academic and instructional design and quality and, ultimately, for ensuring the strategic priorities and goals of academic excellence are achieved with a special focus on learning outcomes assessment. To achieve academic excellence in an ever-changing higher education and learning environment, the provost also leads innovation advancement initiatives for faculty and curriculum.

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NSSE Report

Some Encouraging Findings from the 2016 National Survey of Student Engagement

The Center for Postsecondary Research at Indiana University School of Education administers the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) in partnership with the Indiana University Center for Survey Research. In November, they released the 2016 annual report, based upon survey results regarding the engagement of first-year students and seniors on campus and compares institutions to all 1,600 participating schools as well as to a defined group of “peer institutions.”  The study assesses contributions to student success, including time and effort of students in the learning process and institutional resources provided to support them.  The report provided to each institution contains valuable information for internal review and discussion and contributes to continuous improvement of both the student experience and student success.

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