Leadership Listen and Learn: Engaging the Greater APUS Community

With the beginning of a new year and a new leadership team in place, we have launched the first-ever APUS Leadership Listen and Learn (LLL) initiative. What is it, who is involved, and why do this?

The purpose of the LLL strategic program is for the university community and leadership team to meet in a more intimate and collaborative gathering focused on the APUS vision and direction, exploring what we need to do as a university in both the near-term and coming years to continue to strengthen our focus on academic excellence, student success and organizational effectiveness. To accomplish this goal, I, Provost Vernon Smith, COO Bob Gay, Chief of Staff Gwen Hall and other members of my leadership team will host students, faculty, staff, partners, alumni and other integral university stakeholders on our Charles Town campus and in locations across the country where we have significant populations of students and/or faculty, with additional virtual sessions to be conducted remotely. 

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Creating Personal Connections Central to Standing Out for Online Business Schools

What competitive advantages do face-to-face business schools have over online providers?
Face-to-face programs may be able to develop more personalized relationships with their students. However, online programs provide students with the convenience and flexibility that face-to-face programs are unable to. Face-to-face may also provide more of a sense of community, whereas online offers a sense of independence.

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emergency preparedness Reynolds

Significant Forces Changing the Higher Education Market: Impact of Non-Traditional Students

The landscape of higher education has experienced more change in the past decade than it has at any time since World War II. There are a number of influences that have fostered this change, with the most significant being the Post-9/11 GI Bill afforded to our veterans of the global war on terrorism, which allows this unique population to pursue higher education opportunities. Other changes that have contributed to the mosaic include Generation X’ers seeking career advancement through higher education, and Millennials—or so called “digital natives”—who bring much higher tech-savvy capabilities (and expectations) to the table, the proliferation of online higher education, and the push for more competency-based education programs.

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Dr. Karan Powell

Advancing Alumni Engagement and Outcomes

On December 14, nearly 20 of our distinguished alumni gathered in Crystal City, Va., as we launched the new President’s Alumni Council. I co-hosted the event, along with American Public University System (APUS) trustees and alumni Dr. J. D. Polk and Lt. General Tom Conant (USMC, Ret.), for alumni who are key leaders in government and industry.  With 65,000+ alumni worldwide and growing, we aim to advance our greater American Military University (AMU) and American Public University (APU) community through ongoing engagement with them. 

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