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Thanksgiving Karan Powell

Customers and Service First: Customer Service Lessons Learned from Disney

Having just returned from a Disney cruise, I am intimately aware of Disney care and the experience of being “their guest,” as Lumière sings in a song from Beauty and the Beast. My recent Disney cruise is the experience I will focus on in this post and since this is not my first cruise with Disney, I am confident in these reflections as every cruise has provided the same quality experience. I am reflecting on this experience not so much to tell a Disney story, but rather in an effort to identify what contributes to this experience and discuss how/whether this experience can that be translated to higher education and our experience in serving students.

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Introducing American Public University System’s First Applied Doctoral Programs

At the 2017 annual APUS Commencement ceremonies on May 13, Dr. Karan Powell proudly announced that on July 1, 2017, APUS will begin taking applications for two new applied doctoral programs in global security and strategic intelligence. As a result, APUS moves from being a master’s-level to doctoral-granting institution, a significant milestone that furthers our continuing mission of creating high-quality programs focused on educating the nation’s military and public service communities.

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American Council of Education

American Council of Education 2017 Annual Meeting: Observations, Insights, and Reflections

The American Council of Education (ACE) Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., earlier this week brought together presidents, provosts, and university and higher education leaders from around the world. On opening day, the attending presidents discussed such issues as academic freedom, alongside student freedom of speech, in a session titled “Navigating the tension between freedom of expression and campus inclusion.” 

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Group Coaching and Mentoring: A Solution for Reframing Responsiveness to Meet Strategic Initiatives

There are many benefits to seeking change for an individual or organization. Having a willingness to move from the status quo requires being aware of the need to adapt and remain relevant in an ever-changing society. This need to adapt and remain relevant in an ever-changing society became our challenge in shifting our Core Learning department’s culture to develop 21st-century practitioners. In short, our faculty needed to shift their legacy instructional practices to better anticipate and meet the corresponding needs of 21st-century learners by fostering those skills themselves, including creativity, analytic thinking, collaboration, communications and ethics, action, and accountability (Crockett, 2016). The award-winning APUS Group Coaching and Mentoring Framework (GCMF) became the strategy to affect that desired change.

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