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Significant Forces Changing the Higher Education Market: Impact of Non-Traditional Students

The landscape of higher education has experienced more change in the past decade than it has at any time since World War II. There are a number of influences that have fostered this change, with the most significant being the Post-9/11 GI Bill afforded to our veterans of the global war on terrorism, which allows this unique population to pursue higher education opportunities. Other changes that have contributed to the mosaic include Generation X’ers seeking career advancement through higher education, and Millennials—or so called “digital natives”—who bring much higher tech-savvy capabilities (and expectations) to the table, the proliferation of online higher education, and the push for more competency-based education programs.

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Online Learning Consortium Leadership Network: Advancing Outcomes Through Collaboration

In keeping with my leadership theme this week, I wanted to share some noteworthy takeaways from this week’s Online Learning Consortium (OLC) annual meeting. In an invitation-only session on Wednesday, I joined several other senior online leaders in exploring common issues and topics we face on our campuses, in our institutions and in our nation.

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