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Dr. Christina Dryden

APUS Assessment, Part One: the Essential Role of Faculty and Institutional Learning Outcomes

Assessment is a vital part of the core APUS mission and work in higher education.  As such, our Assessment and Accreditation Department is a multifaceted group that facilitates Higher Learning Commission accreditation activities and all programmatic/specialty accreditation endeavors, as well as oversees assessment processes including curricular mapping and program review. Our 2016 goals collectively included the following: 

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Academic Standards

Curriculum Quality and Course Improvement: Standards of Course Quality

We are always looking for ways to enhance the APUS student experience, and one way to do this is to improve course quality.  Toward that end, in late 2015 we created a committee charged with creating some standards for use in course design and revisions.  These standards have assisted academics in reviewing, revising, and establishing guidelines for use in the creation and modification of our courses.  The guidelines are not meant to be prescriptive, but to help provide best practices that will aid course authors as we work to continuously improve courses.  It should be noted that articulating guidelines was but the first step in the process – we are now developing a series of exemplary courses in each school to serve as models or examples so that other faculty might emulate them.    

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Kevin Taylor

Aligning Retention with Learning and Career Outcomes

Recently, I was privileged to attend an APUS-sponsored “Persistence and Resistance Roundtable,” hosted by Dr. Gwen Hall. Both full- and part-time instructors, current students and alumni offered their perspective on what is needed to ensure the students’ experience is not only enjoyable and fulfilling, but one that ensures that their educational and professional goals are fulfilled. Although several suggestions and proposals were offered, a few seemed more prevalent than others.

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