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A Veteran and First-Responder’s Perspective on Independence Day

We will soon celebrate our nation’s 241st birthday. On July 4, 1776, 13 former British colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence at the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia, signaling the birth of a new nation determined to be self-governing and free of influence from King George. Bear in mind, the colonies were in disarray— some wanted independence, while others were content to remain under British rule. Colonial representatives could rarely agree on anything except for the strong desire to be a free and independent nation.

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A Boomer’s Appreciation for Millennials in the Military

As a Baby Boomer, I often sit on the fence regarding my views on Millennials, but since I also feel affinities for Gen X-er’s I tend to move easily between the two generations of thought. For example, I generally take a more heterogeneous view on social and cultural diversity, whereas Boomers -- especially those born shortly after WWII -- tend to have a more homogeneous perspective. This is precisely the type of stereotyping that goes hand-in-hand with most generational biases, and someone out there is already disagreeing with me, but that’s okay. Such differences are one of the many things that make our country great.

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