Commencement and the Lifelong Learning Journey

By: Robert Gay, Chief Operations Officer

University commencements are always special events.  Charged with emotion and excitement, there is an overwhelming feeling of growth and change, people moving from one important phase of their life to another, with new and promising challenges.  This year at the American Public University System commencement, the feeling was no different.

As I watched the graduates cross the stage to receive their diplomas, I could not help but think that each person had an interesting story of why they went to college, the incredible sacrifices they made to get their degree and the important support they received from friends and loved ones during that learning journey.

In the sea of graduates, one woman in particular stood out.  She crossed the stage accompanied by a young boy, presumably her son, who was also wearing the traditional “mortar board” cap of a graduate.  I could not help thinking about how significant it must have been for both of them to mark that moment in time together, and the awesome way this mom chose to share her accomplishment with her young son.  I imagine that he will remember that moment forever and will cross a stage someday to receive his own college diploma.  At that future moment, I’m certain he will remember being with his mom in that spotlight many years before.

Congratulations to you both and we wish you and all the other graduates the best as you move on to new challenges in your lives!



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