My College Hopes and Dreams and American Public University’s Silent Heroes

By Max Morgan

Editor’s Note: From time to time in this space, we want to share stories from our alumni as they relate their experiences with APUS and how they have impacted their careers and personal lives. This week, we feature the story of recent APU International Relations and Conflict Resolution graduate and University Ambassador Max Morgan. We encourage you to contact us at to share your own APUS journey with us as well.

My American Public University story is a lot like yours — we are all here because we made it. But mine is a little different. I won’t bore you with the long nights studying after working all day, the many things I had to juggle, sacrifices made, or doubts dismissed. I am sure that you all have your share. Let me tell you how I achieved my goal of a college degree.

I am here because someone cared that many people like us who missed out on their college education earlier on needed a second chance. I am here because of everyone who doubted and told me that I couldn’t but, most importantly, because of those who enabled me today to tell them that I could. They are the silent heroes behind the scenes at APU, who helped me to reach my goal. While I did not personally know those people who first assisted me in starting my program, it is to each of them that I truly owe my success.

It is hard to believe that I graduated high school more than 27 years ago with the highest marks and a promising future. I also studied medicine overseas to fulfill my late father’s dream of me being a doctor, but later dropped out because my real passion was to start a business. After many successful years as an entrepreneur, I realized that I was still missing something important — a college degree. Seven years have since passed since I first discovered APU, but I still remember the joyful night when I received my acceptance email after initially fearing that I would not be admitted.

As I pondered the most inspiring words to write my story, I researched “hope” and was struck by the concept of “rehope.” I I then realized that hope is something continuous that only stops when life does. I also realized that my hopes and dreams were dormant until I identified the opportunities APU had to offer.

As graduation approached, I learned of the opportunity to become an Ambassador for APU, and was honored to be selected. I felt obligated to do so because I wanted to give back and help someone else in the same way I was helped. I am sure that there are many out there who could use a helping hand or be similarly inspired by my success story. It is a story that began with hope, and ended with gratitude. Today, I thank APU for helping change my life.



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