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Introducing American Public University System’s First Applied Doctoral Programs

At the 2017 annual APUS Commencement ceremonies on May 13, Dr. Karan Powell proudly announced that on July 1, 2017, APUS will begin taking applications for two new applied doctoral programs in global security and strategic intelligence. As a result, APUS moves from being a master’s-level to doctoral-granting institution, a significant milestone that furthers our continuing mission of creating high-quality programs focused on educating the nation’s military and public service communities.

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The (Un)Written Lessons I Learned in Grad School

I was asked recently by a fellow military spouse whether earning a graduate degree was worth the time and effort involved. The question is very broad, and the answer truly depends on you and your career path.

For some professions, a higher degree is often mandatory. In others, factors such as self-improvement, the desire for in-depth knowledge and skills, or a change in career goals are some reasons why people decide to go for a graduate degree. The most popular motivation is to open up opportunities for career advancement and earn more money.

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My College Hopes and Dreams and American Public University’s Silent Heroes

My American Public University story is a lot like yours -- we are all here because we made it. But mine is a little different. I won’t bore you with the long nights studying after working all day, the many things I had to juggle, sacrifices made, or doubts dismissed. I am sure that you all have your share. Let me tell you how I achieved my goal of a college degree.
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My American Public University Success Story

I am an American Public University graduate with a BA in psychology, but my story starts a lot further back. I am an adult learner, which means life delayed my college goals for a long time, but thankfully, age is no excuse not to try! I dreamed of college, yet when I was in high school I let my doubt that I wasn’t smart enough derail my plans for college and law school. Two weeks after I turned 19, while my high school friends were enjoying their first college spring break, I had a daughter. I was soon a single mom trying to make ends meet in my minimum wage job and thinking, “why didn’t I go to college?” At that point, college was impossible.

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A Boomer’s Appreciation for Millennials in the Military

As a Baby Boomer, I often sit on the fence regarding my views on Millennials, but since I also feel affinities for Gen X-er’s I tend to move easily between the two generations of thought. For example, I generally take a more heterogeneous view on social and cultural diversity, whereas Boomers -- especially those born shortly after WWII -- tend to have a more homogeneous perspective. This is precisely the type of stereotyping that goes hand-in-hand with most generational biases, and someone out there is already disagreeing with me, but that’s okay. Such differences are one of the many things that make our country great.

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